Puppy Toys and Treats





Like all dogs, puppies love toys and treats.  This is especially so because puppies have to go through their teething phase.  It is much better to have your puppies chewing on toys and treats than furniture and shoes.  Don’t give your puppy anything they cannot digest if it is small enough to swallow or choke on.  This may seem like common sense, but a surprising number of people make this mistake.

Chicken and pork bones can be particularly hazardous, as the bone can splinter and get caught in the throat.  Steak bones are generally fine.  Hoofs seem to be a favorite of puppies.  They tend to give bad breath and smell when wet, but provide hours of chewing and last longer than raw hides.  Raw hides are great, although can get very gooey if chewed on and not ingested, making a bit of a mess.  Bones should be larger than your puppy can swallow, for obvious reasons. Pig ears tend to be eaten quickly, and aren’t particularly healthy, but make an OK occasional treat.

Vets often recommend flavored Nylabone or Nylafloss chew toys, which are safer. However, while they like to tug on these, many puppies strongly prefer raw hides and bones to these synthetic toys.  Most puppies, especially hunting and retrieving breeds, love squeaky toys and balls.  Nylafloss looks like a big thick chunk of nylon rope. While the chew toys aren’t favorites, they do help keep the teeth clean.  Nylafloss tug ropes are great puppy toys, with knotted ends.  Many puppies love to play tug with you, or with other dogs.